Water drop screen has become a trend EL D58 mobile phone look and feel upgrade

 In the past two years, after experiencing a comprehensive screen reduction of 18:9, big notch screen has been gradually changed into a small notch screen. Until now, the water drop screen has begun to lead the trend, and it is sure to feel the pursuit of screens and users by users and manufacturers. It is a common goal to use every inch of space on the front side. Some users may not have such a demand. However, from the market point of view, the high screen ratio is still more popular with the mainstream user groups, and the perception is better. The water drop screen has also gained wider acceptance than notch screen , which is called a full-screen look. The EL mobile phone brand keeps pace with the times and is not far behind.
  The EL brand’s mobile phone, at least in terms of value, seems to never need users to worry about it. This conclusion is once again confirmed on the EL D58. The design of the water drop screen is matched with the screen unlocking technology, which finds very good between beauty and practicality. A good balance not only pursues the screen ratio, but also does not impair the functionality.
  The EL D58 is equipped with a 6.22-inch full-screen water-drop screen with a screen ratio of up to 89%. The design of the water-drop screen not only gives more screen area to the display area, but also brings a better view. It is also very natural. The beauty of the drop, a drop of falling water has become a clue to the outside world and the world inside the screen. Maybe this is the magic of the curve. After all, the curve belongs to God.
 Configuration EL D58 mobile phone is really arrogant, equipped with a 19:9 ratio screen, resolution 720 * 1520, In-Cell full fit screen look good, while EL D58 is also equipped with MTK 6739 processor, memory Standard 16GB + 2GB combination, even provides up to 128GB expandable memory slot. Are you satisfied with the upgrade of the EL D58 mobile phone and the upgrade of the configuration?

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